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Discover Our “WHY” Week – Day 4 – Guest: Sgt. Todd Prevost

I have known “Pre” for many years, and I am thankful for his friendship. Though I may have taught him a bit about POP Squad and SWAT, it was he teaching us about consistency, committment and humility. I am honored that he agreed to share his passion with us. He is blessed for having discovered his “WHY” Bike Cop, “WHY?”

"Pre" taking a break

“Pre” taking a break

After sixteen years in law enforcement, thirteen spent patrolling on a bicycle, I am still asked, “why?”

Many accompany the question with further inquiries into as why I am not a detective, narc agent, higher ranking, or other such things. Others simply wonder, “why?”

My first introduction to cops on bikes was as a child watching a Mardi Gras parade route in Houma, La.  I was always interested in motorcycles. Watching the motorcycle cops clear the parade route, then watching the Shriner’s Motorcycle Escort conduct figure eights with perfection was the best part of the parade.

I didn’t care about the floats, throws, or anything else. I was amazed by the motorcycles and proud to stand there and watch my dad. He rode one of those green and yellow Harley Davidsons as part of the Shriner’s motorcycle unit making those figure eights.

Then, I saw the coolest thing ever; a policeman riding a bicycle.

"Pre" teaching the  art of "Bike"

“Pre” teaching the art of “Bike”

As a young child living life on a bicycle, that was the coolest adult ever. Simply because he was riding a bike.  Although that was the only encounter I had with a cop on a bike, the memory stuck. While that bicycle program did not last, I also thought the memory had been lost; so it seemed.

Years went by, jobs came and went.  I was introduced to a career in law enforcement with a near-by Sheriff’s Office. The memory returned!  I wondered if that could be me; if I could have a career and be able to do something as “cool” as ride a bicycle.

Fortunately, the Sheriff thought bicycle-mounted deputies were a valuable tool to the community. I was given an opportunity to be “that cop” on a bike. A new bicycle patrol section was created.

After 13 years, my journey continues. I believe I will remain a bike cop as long as my Sheriff allows, or as long as my body can hold up.  I consider myself the most fortunate deputy at the agency.

My position allows many learning opportunities and special assignment experiences. It gives me the ability for becoming close to the communities I serve. Initially, I worked solely to apprehend criminals. My focus was eventually redirected towards meeting the community’s needs.

The combination of crime-fighting skills and community policing creates a well-rounded officer; with respect earned from both.

"Pre" Paying It Forward

“Pre” Paying It Forward

Some may think I do not have what it takes to be “promoted” to detective. Others do not understand why I have never tried to become an “all-so-awesome” narcotics agent. Thanks to the movie industry for those notions. It is the same media feeding the ideal that the bicycle patrolman is a position of either disciplinary action or one of lesser authority.  Regardless what others may think, I take pride in being a bike cop.  I have made a career of riding a bicycle. It makes me one of this area’s best cops. Thank you, Chief Scott Silverii and Sheriff Craig Webre for being supportive.So, “why” am I still a bike cop? It’s what I do, and I love to do it. That’s Why!

Once you discover your passion, everything else makes sense. This week, lets discuss and discover our “why.”If you liked this message, please share the vision by passing it along. Help ignite a cultural revolution.
Sgt "Pre" and TPD Bike Patrol

Sgt “Pre” and TPD Bike Patrol

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