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Day 3 of “PEOPLE I LOVE” Week

The week of February 11 thru 15, 2013 is “People I Love” Week.
Bill Cassidy and Chief 1
Renee and me1

Day 1 – Long-term loyalty and commitmentDay 2 – Wisdom and spiritualityDay 3 – Fearless Christian leadershipDay 4 – Forgiveness and reconciliation through prayerDay 5 – Mercy and healing

This week of Valentine is traditionally reserved for romantic love. Often times the target of ones affections change and the next commercially driven day of “love” allows opportunities for a new target and new purchases to impress. This week’s theme is about love that endures.

There are traditionally three types of love originating from the Greek language and referenced in God’s word. Eros is romantic love or physical attraction that often fades. Philia is love between friends based on similar interests. Agape love exist regardless of physical attractiveness or similarities. It is sacrificial and the greatest of loves. It is the depth of love God has for us.

This week, I am focusing on the lasting love between friends. Despite the years, disagreements, or time between talks, agape is spiritual and unconditional. I am focusing on people not related or directly associated with me. These are people for no other reason than an introduction by the Holy Spirit, have connected with me.

I pray you too have people like this in your life. If not, open up to the humanity in your spirit and they shall also come into your life. Embrace them and share yourself with them as they have with you. 

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