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Code 9 | Officer Needs Assistance

Code 9 | Officer Needs Assistance; these words strike at our deepest fear. There is nothing in this life that can prevent fellow officers from getting to an officer in need. All I am asking is that you watch this video. Yes, it’s that important.

I watched this video sent to me by Deborah Ortiz and was moved with emotion as I listened to children speak the words that Police Officers never will. Please get involved; no more silent suffering.

Deborah’s FB message:

hello I am the admin for The PTSD HONOR QUILT page. My name is Deborah Ortiz and I am the wife of a retired state trooper suffering with PTSD and I wanted to share the link to the trailer to a documentary that I am working on about PTSD and law enforcement. We have interviewed many officers and family members for this film. My goal is to complete this film so that we can also shed a light on what is happening in the police culture. Please take a moment to watch and share this so that we may all come together to help our officers and families who may be suffering. Thank you!

Thank you for watching, and please share this video!!


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