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Breaking The Chains Of Past Pain | Five Stones

I’m thankful to be a part of Five Stones University’s online self-improvement course development. I was able to design several courses just for men. The first two are 30-day challenges that lead brothers along a daily walk toward restoration.

This new course, Breaking The Chains Of Past Pain was created using God’s words of instruction and encouragement as a foundation for your life. It’s very personal, as I also share so many difficulties I endured while struggling with the effects of past pain. 

Lessons are delivered in a secure, online environment. All are built to be used in privacy, and without pressure to keep up a pace other than your own. Also, every lesson has call-to-action section of questions.

I also include personal videos and a direct contact to me to help hold you accountable and encourage your daily walk. This is why I retired from law enforcement. My heart to help other men who are hurting as I once hurt is my ministry, and why I’m so fired up about working with Five Stones University.

“I stopped living the same year over and over again, and started taking control of my life by using the very truths I’m sharing with you.”

I know the reality is, most men will continue to suffer in silence. Most only seek help when made to do so, or have run out of other options. Please, share this with someone in need before getting help is no longer an option.

Much Love/Respect,

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