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Becoming Your Own Gatekeeper: A Lesson from Mrs. Woodrow Wilson

“Perhaps you could be the gatekeeper, perhaps you could determine who gets in to see the President and who doesn’t, but you could also read every document that comes across his desk and decide which ones he even considers.” (Woodrow Wilson’s Doctor, to Mrs. Woodrow Wilson). So to some degree I’d say she was something between a chief of staff, and well, maybe she was the first female president of the United States. She was certainly – she would say not making decisions, but she was deciding in many ways what the president might decide. (from an interview of Woodrow Wilson Biographer A. Scott Berg, Wilson, on Fresh Air)

I heard this interview with Scott Berg, and though it was filled with interesting insight about President Wilson, I especially perked up at the “gatekeeper” line.  No, of course, my job is not as demanding as that…

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