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An Act of “Not-So” Random Kindness

An Act of Not-So-Random Kindness

Chaplain badge

I regularly contribute to Law Enforcement Today that hosts a members and internal messaging section. I have become connected through e-mail with a California Police Department’s Chaplain, having exchanged a few messages for personal introductions.

This week while praying over a difficult situation, I happened to log onto LET to receive the message included below. I’ve removed his name and contact information, but leave his simple gesture and act of kindness.

I consider it not-random because I believe God directed this Chaplain to extend himself to a complete stranger. Though he knew me not, he knew the burden on my heart, and offered me an outlet beyond my peer group.

An “anonymous” ear to hear my concerns over protecting this city I serve. I thank you my Brother for surrendering yourself to God’s will and reaching out (even via e-mail) to another in need.

Chief Scott,I know how challenging your position can be professionally, politically, and personally.Sometime we all need someone out of our circle of influence to talk with over issues that impact us. Even though you have your normal outlets I’m sure you use, I would like to extend one more to you.If I can ever help in anyway please feel free to call my cell XXX-XXX-XXXXChaplain Xxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Police Department Xxxxxxxx, CA 95202
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