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6 Days of 31 Days: Made For Relationships

6 Days of 31 Days: Made For Relationships

Relationship is so vital in the body of Christ. Today we spent the day enjoying the fruits of relationships. As a part of these relationships we spent the entire day with our small group from Gateway Church before capping it off in Glen Rose, TX.

Where’s that? It’s where The Promise – Glen Rose, TX is hosted. It’s an unbelievably presented passion play. Seriously, it was an incredible performance, facility and friends.

Small groups are the way for churches to promote closer relationships by connecting members together through various common interests. Our small group has about 350 members, and is made up of married motorcyclists. 

The Bonus

The beauty for me is after relocating to Dallas after retirement, I knew no one except my wife and family. I’m naturally very social and feed off of other’s positive energies. My first year in Dallas was a very dark time filled with regrets and doubt.

But I began to pray that God would introduce me to brothers. In no time, Leah and I connected with the Gateway Riders, and found ourselves in the midst of not only great marriage mentors, but men who loved the Lord and opened their hearts up to me. 

New Bonds

In the last two years, we’ve travelled , shared homes for gatherings and vacation together. I never knew the depths of true brotherhood until connecting on a spiritual level that had nothing to do with your rank or how many arrests you made. 

Day 6 was spent in the company of wonderful brothers and sisters unashamed of saying “I love you,” and happy to share an amen over good news.

Tomorrow is going to wrap up the adventure with a race to beat the rain.

Do Good Scott

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