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5 of 31 Days: Life In Transit

5 of 31 Days: Life In Transit

It seems like we unpack just to repack. To be honest, after last week’s motorcycle adventure, I washed the clothes and set them on the dresser.

It’s time to get packed to head out again. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about packing because Leah and I have a system. I stay out of the way.

She likes to pack, and since I’m more partial to throwing a business suit into a plastic bag, she’d rather organize the goods. The caveat is that I don’t get to complain if her selections aren’t my favorites. It’s a fair system.

Strength-Based Marriage

It’s a blessing when you can identify each others strengths. Oh, in the packing system, mine is carrying her bags. But back to the point, we all have different strengths and weaknesses.

Leah and I understand that while we’re equals, we are not the same. We were each created by design with assets that conflict when opposed, but compliment when coordinated.

Kinda like the way my favorite khaki shorts go with all of my old t-shirts. Of course, they all clash with her red sole shoes and leather pants, but that’s okay, because we’re cozy in our own skin.

One Last Thing

So as we prep to head out, I like to roll the bags toward the front door. It’s then that I make my move. I always have a few favorite t-shirts on standby, and shove them into the side compartments while she’s busy primping.

One day, she’s going to figure out why I’m so agreeable to her doing all the packing, but until then, we gotta go!

Do Good,

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