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3 of 31 Days: Maybe Doc Was Wrong

3 of 31 Days: Maybe Doc Was Wrong

Today was a grinder. Wait, not that kinda grinding. It was about sitting my butt down and getting work accomplished. It’s as exhausting as it is exhilarating.


Working from home or in your car ot at the local Panera Bread cafe takes discipline. Somehow Leah can write while watching movies, scratching the dog and playing Facebook games.

If I see a leaf fall I’m done for. So we converted one of the guest bedrooms into an office. I love it. I have a wooden table-top on sawhorse type stands and a straight-back wooden chair without any type of padding.


During grad school years my mentor, Dr. John Kiefer told us to get in a wooden chair, suck it up and get the work done. For decades I’ve practiced his approach to grinding out the work. The results have been almost 40 titles released in fiction and non-fiction.

But today, I wanted to spend more time with my wife than on the keyboard. I joined her on the comfy sectional sofa in the living room. It’s fall y’all, so she turned down the thermostat and clipped on the fireplace.


Now, I’m not saying the Doc was wrong, but that couch sure was a nice change from my office. Of course, I also watched all of the Lord of the Rings, Jack Ryan, hours of Hulu and possibly ate a non-gluten free cupcake from Gigi’s Cupcakes.

Lesson learned on day 3 is that it’s much more important to put time in with your spouse than words on a page. Besides, those words won’t keep me warm on these cold (not cold) fall nights.

Do Good,

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