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24 Days of 31: How Could You

24 Days of 31: How Could You?

I was talking with a friend this week. He only knows I was a cop at some point, at some place, for some time. It was never important to tell him details because it’s not what our friendship is based on.


Men especially, find their identity in the work they do. Being a husband, father, friend or follower of Christ always falls behind the career.

So I was surprised that he brought it up and to be honest, I couldn’t tell you what he does for a living. It has no bearing on the fact that we like being friends.


He’d read an advanced copy of my latest book that comes out Oct 30th. I guess it made an impact on him.

He was stunned that I was able to find peace after the personal and professional trails I’d gone through. I assured him that it wasn’t the life I led that brought me into peace but because of it, I wasn’t going to stop until I found it.

Finally, he huffed and said, “I’m not sure I believe you. How could you?”

I was a little defensive at first, but then I thought, yeah, how could I?

The truth is, it’s not easy but it’s possible. I’ve known so many public servants who just couldn’t make the switch to live the “white picket fence” life.


I used to worry about it. I spent 12 years working undercover drugs and 16 years in SWAT. So if I don’t get amped up over the lawn guy not coming on Friday, or the homecoming game being rescheduled or being 5 minutes late for a meeting, it’s just a byproduct of the reality I’ve lived almost my entire adult life.

Leah understands, but I thought I had to make this friend see it too. I mean after all, he said he didn’t believe me. I thought we were friends.

I started my reply and he held up his hands for me to stop. Now I was really getting worked up!

He said, “it’s not important how you did, but that you did. You’re my friend and I’m glad you did.”


And just like that the balance was restored. I’ve been blessed to have made incredible friendships with guys that know or care nothing about what I did, but only that we enjoy being friends.

So back to my friend. I would’ve loved to answer his question, How could you? Because simply, with God all things are possible.

Do Good,

Scott Silverii

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