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23 Days of 31: You Can Fix That

23 Days of 31: You Can Fix That

I skipped a few days in my quest to journal for 31 days consecutively. But, it was best at the time as I focused on me. Not in a selfish way, but in a way for self.


Kairos, a Greek word meaning an opportune time or place, was what I pursued this week. Seeking God’s decision to move in my life at an opportune time required stepping into His presence.

Gateway Church hosts Kairos over 2 days, and is an opportunity to isolate yourself from the world and focus on worship, prayer and teaching focused on healing, processing and restoration.

I came from the era of just shut up and hide it. Well, after decades of sweeping life’s junk under the rug, I’ve run out of carpet space. Plus, the lumpy surface makes it uncomfortable for others.


Everyone has hurt in their life. I mean, how can you not. This doesn’t mean everyone was abused or abandoned, or suffered through childhood. Maybe it was the loss of a parent or child, or divorce.

We were created to have our deepest needs of love, security and significance met by God. The original sin that caused separation from God, also created an effect where we no longer rest in His desire to provide, but became an internal quest to satisfy ourselves. This has always leads to failure, which causes pain.

The bigger reality is that no one lives the perfect life. BTW, there was only one perfect person, and we crucified Him. So with that dose of reality, we’re back to handling hurt.


Seeking help doesn’t mean you’re weak. It means you’re smart enough to know you can have a much fuller life of joy when you’ve rooted out the darkness. Is it fun digging up bones? Nope, but what’s the option unless you enjoy the stench of death or a past cluttered with pain, shame and regret.

You can process through anything, but it takes effort and kairos. No, not necessarily attending an event at church, but pursuing the opportune time to gain healing and restoration. It’s a continuous effort, but the view from the other side is of darkness is beauty and light.

I do pray you’ll find kairos.

Do Good,

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