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21 Days of 31: Candle in the Wind

21 Days of 31: Candle in the Wind

So I’ve been thinking about Elton John this morning after the teen girl flipped past him in a rabid radio search for her favorite song before we reached campus.


We’re all candles in the wind. Some of our flames are extinguished early on by physical death, while others die a slow dimmer through the loss of hope, faith and love.

Still, others have cold water dumped on their flame as their told they’re not good enough, pretty enough, or smart enough. And you know what the endless other buckets of dream dousers are. I’m sure you’ve been told like I have.

But the key is waterproofing. Sometimes it’s up to us alone, while other times the protective layers come from a loving spouse, a supportive friend or a caring mentor.

God says we are to be salt and light in this world. Salt is used to preserve goodness, while light can be used to either lead the way through darkness or simply shine perspective on an unseen issue.


Keeping our candle lit is the difference between cold extinguished and setting life ablaze. Like any candle, we first need a spark, and the oxygen to fuel the flame.

Leah & I ground our spiritual spark in Christ, and faith feeds our fire. In the natural world, we are also careful to avoid those who carry heavy buckets of pessimism, lurking for opportunities to dump cold, bitter waters on our candle.

They’re easy to spot. Some look like family, friends, business opportunities, sure things, old flames and a new and improved you.


But instead of allowing the untested access to your flame, test their intentions by placing them in the fire. Heat consumes ill intentions as well as strengthens good will.

I know a candle in the wind sounds vulnerable to external elements, but its potential for power when nurtured and waterproofed is immeasurable.

How bright do you burn? Do Good, Scott Silverii

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