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17 Days of 31: If I Told You My Story

17 Days of 31: If I Told You My Story

Social media has made us all masters of marketing and public relations. Why wouldn’t we be? We get the chance to manage our message so that whoever our target audience is, they only see the very best of who we see ourselves to be.


But, what if we told our story? The truth, the hurt, the mistakes and blemishes that make us who we really are isn’t actually an option in being social is it?

It’s more of a contrived media that we enjoy logging into as the virtual voyeur. Kinda like a social sniper who gets to remain concealed behind a screen and keypad scrolling until they lock onto the target.

There’s an assumed power in autonomy. There’s also an air of entitlement over our profiles. Although they are presented for public consumption, we’re quick to bare claws when posts don’t elicit the expected responses.


But, what if I told you the whole truth? Are you going to like, comment, share, unfriend, troll, or just ignore? If the reality becomes a truth that’s different from what you expected, will you accept it only for what it is, or reject it for what you thought it should be?

So many people want to wade into the muck and offer advice and opinions across the social streams. They become e-experts with safe responses and pre-calculated comments. They also engage in the non-reciprocating act of one-way sharing. Do as they say, but know nothing about what they do.

I’ve always believed that unless you have skin in the game, and you’re going to lay it out for the sake of the warriors who voluntarily enter in the arena, then spare others your manicured montage.


BTW, I’m not upset with anyone. I just see so many good people miss out on great opportunities to really contribute toward making a difference for others and themselves. If only….

They’d tell us their story.

What’s your’s?

Do Good,

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