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14 Days of 31: Put Product On It

14 Days of 31: Put Product On It

Over a year ago, I’d begun asking Leah to cut my hair. I couldn’t see spending $25 on it every 2 weeks. She reluctantly gave it a shot. I ended up with a shaved head.

A Little Off The Sides

No matter, it grew back and after a while I went back to sporting a non-shaved head style. But, Leah was back behind the clippers. So this weekend, I asked her to shorten it a bit.

She zipped through with the clippers and was done with the usual zero on the sides and a #6 across the top. I thanked her with a pat on the booty and jumped in the shower before church.

As I dried my hair, it began to look like one of those Asian conical hats (rice paddy hat.) I patted the top of my head while saying I couldn’t go to church like that.

Words of Advice

“Put some product on it.” she said.

First off, who says “product?” and what product is she talking about? I go from either seasonally bald or just above crew cut, so “product” isn’t a part of my life.

I opted to go with the conical hat look. But I got to thinking about how easy it is in life to just put “product” on it.

Now to be clear, Leah is the last one who would ever cover anything up for the sake of hiding the truth or altering a fact – except when it’s her ride to church!

But, we are so caught up in what the world thinks that we’re willing to sacrifice our convictions. Even more tormenting that what others think is what we think about ourselves. We are our very worst enemy.


This goes all the way back to the beginning – Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve lived in paradise, and that they were naked was of no shame. They had no secrets or need to put “product” on anything.

Yet, once sin entered their lives, they were still naked and yet they were sudden;y ashamed. I wonder why were they all of a sudden ashamed? And ashamed of what? They had perfect bodies after all – they were created in the image of God.

So they put product over themselves (sticky fig leaves) to cover their shame, but again, who was it that caused them to feel so much shame that they also ducked in the bushes to hide from God?

Who Else

It was themselves. There wasn’t anyone else in existence to body shame them over social media or ignore them in public, or any other the endless ways we make other people feel bad about themselves.

No, their own worst enemy was themselves.

Let’s stop beating ourselves up for being ourselves. We are wonderfully made and no matter what or how you feel about God – He loves you in spite of that.

I guess that’s kinda the way Leah loves me in spite of my pointed hair.

Do Good,

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