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Pastor Adam and Dr. Scott take this wonderful opportunity to guide you through what may be seen as a dark season in life. In reality, God is preparing you for a new anointing and blessing. But, it can be had to see the light through the haze. We'll walk you through!

Learn how to Embrace the Season, Thrive in Obscurity, and Activate Your Purpose in this exciting promise from God, and always remember that you are Favored, Not Forgotten.

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I truly love and deeply appreciate Adam and Scott’s honest, easy way of sharing practical information, along with their wise reassurance that although we might feel like life is crumbling, it is indeed a preparation for receiving the promises of God. This dynamic, spiritual duo shares the hope we all seek in God’s assurance that we are definitely favored and not forgotten. This book is a must read — grab a few copies for friends!

Rashawn Copeland

Author, Start Where You Are

Co-Founder, I'm So Blessed Daily


After teaching a biblical view of creation for the past forty years, I have learned that the Creator of the universe has a unique way in which He has created man to be a Hero. The personal accounts of Pastor Adam and Dr. Scott are a breath of heavenly insight, which can empower you to unfold your Hero image, representing our Lord and Savior.

Dr. Dennis Lindsay

President and Executive Officer

Christ for the Nations Institute (CFNI)

dave willis.jpeg

Favored Not Forgotten is one of the most important books I have read in years. It caused me to see God‘s plan for my life in completely new and fresh ways. Regardless of your season of life or current circumstances, everyone should read this book! You’ll be glad you did.

Dave Willis

Pastor and Author

The Naked Marriage Podcast

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In Favored Not Forgotten, we learn to embrace the seasons of life knowing God has never left us. Dr. Scott and Pastor Adam remind us that it’s in the little things and lonely places that we prove ourselves capable of big things.These two men are a gift and a blessing to the body of Christ.


Juan Martinez

Author, Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

Senior Pastor at Get Wrapped Church 

Meet The Authors
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Pastor Adam McCain

Pastor Adam McCain is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. Happily married to his college sweetheart, Jami, they have three amazing kids and serve as the Lead Pastors of Church on the Hill in Cedar Hill, Texas.


Adam began serving in full-time pastoral ministry at age 19, spending the first decade growing a revolutionary small groups-based youth ministry at a mega-church in Louisiana, where he and Jami first met.


Today, they continue to support each other’s callings, both Adam’s teaching and preaching gift and Jami’s skill for creating positive community change through her political influence.

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Dr. Scott Silverii


Dr. Scott Silverii is a son of the Living God. Thankful for the gift of his wife, Leah, they share seven kids, a French bulldog named Bacon and a micro-mini goldendoodle named Biscuit. A highly decorated law enforcement career promptly ended in retirement when God called Scott out of public service and into His service.

Scott has earned a Master of Public Administration, a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology and post-doctoral hours in a Doctor of Ministry degree. Education and experience allow for a deeper understanding in ministering to the wounded, as he worked to break free from his own past pain and abuse.

Scott was led to plant Five Stones Church.Online born out of the calling to combat the negative influences reigning over social media. 

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