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The odds say your marriage will fail. Why go into it with only a 50/50 chance of success? The SYMBIS couple's

assessment is a scientific tool designed to help you overcome the odds. 

How well do you know each other? How well do you know yourself?

Unicorns and rainbows won't divorce-proof your marriage. Honest, in-depth information will. Our brief survey will reveal valuable characteristics to help your marriage flourish long after the wedding party goes home.

Your in-person or online (Skype/Facetime) sessions will help you both unpack the depth of information generated from the assessment tool. Dr. Scott and Leah Silverii are both certified marriage counselors, and want to help divorce-proof your marriage. 


We will review:

  • Mindset – what’s your attitude toward marriage? 

  • Well-being – your marriage can only be as healthy as the two of you.

  • Social support – you are marrying a set of circumstances as well as each other. 

  • Finances – your financial skills, attitude and history, make up an important part of the context you’re bringing into marriage. 

  • Expectations – making your roles conscious: what are your beliefs about gender roles.

  • Remarriage and Blending a Family – you have a unique set of challenges but there is no reason you can’t make your second marriage a first-class success.

SYMBIS maps out the combination of your two personalities, so you discover how hard-wiring effects the way you each give and receive love. 

  • Love – Love is as we each define it. 

  • Attitude – Marriage was never intended to make you happy – you make your marriage happy. 

  • Communication – Communication is the lifeblood of your relationship. 

  • Gender – Yes, men and women are different, and we'll show you how to celebrate the gifts of each.

  • Conflict – Conflict is inevitable, but learning how to work through it leads to a stronger marriage.

  • Spirituality – God created marriage to last. His covenant is vital to gaining a more intimate spiritual relationship with each other and God.

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