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I'm a Cop. And nothing was going to stop me from being what I loved - a cop!

I felt most alive when working dangerous assignments, and I was always the first one through the door. The twelve years working undercover and sixteen years of SWAT were the best years of my life.  

But before I knew it, I was divorced and scratching to make child support payments. The darkness of failing my family drove me deeper down a hole of anger and despair.

But it was cool. I'd bury my troubles by working harder and pressing the fight. The problem was, I was starting the fights. Like the pain from a junkie's needle, I needed life on the edge where silence, violence and risk kept me alive.

For over twenty years I lived in turmoil. As cops, we're taught to manipulate, control and conceal ourselves behind a blue mask so the sheep won't see our pain. I kept my "Just In Case" loaded in the nightstand for the day I couldn't find a reason to go on.

Little did I know my life wasn't going to end by sucking on the barrel of that .357. It was about to begin in Christ. Part of that new beginning was the gift of my wife, Leah. I unloaded that revolver and uploaded God's truths about life and marriage. We are here to help blue marriages find their way out of the darkness. 

See more about our stories below.

God bless you,


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Leah & I want to help you make the right decisions for your relationship.

Schedule a free 30-minute call or Skype to see if the Police Marriage Academy is right for your relationship. This call is completely confidential.

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