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I wish there was a trophy or certificate to give to you that would say "You're a Winner" or "Great Going Champ" but the truth is, you are your greatest achievement. You were created in God's own image and that is what makes you special. Mostly, I wish you could see yourself the way God sees you because you are a winner and a champion. You are His.

The Conquering Strongholds Series has given you the tools toward freedom, and now it's your time to continue shaping and sharpening yourself to be more like God and less like the bound up man you were never intended to be. Freedom is yours because God said so.


I'll give you fair warning though. Satan is going to be all around you and giving it his all to get you back to his side of the field. He's going to tempt you, lie to you and open trap doors to ensnare you (again) but this time you have the very armor of God to protect you. Do not run from the devil and leave your spiritual armor behind or try fighting him on your own will. You will lose 100% of the time. 


This is your battlecry to defeat Satan's attacks. Do this every time without fail. James 4:7 says the devil will flee. It doesn't say he might walk off or maybe if he feels like leaving you alone. No, he will flee but only once you submit yourself to God!  

Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

James 4:7

I am so proud of you for the work you put in. Now it's time to live the reward. Going forward, you now have a duty to lift up other brothers along the way. Your testimony is powerful and unlocks the fear that other men might be trapped inside of as you once were. Share your victory with them, start a men's group, equip them with the same spiritual armor you've hammered out through The Conquering Strongholds Series and mostly, show them the love and grace in their trials that God has shown you.


You Are A Conqueror in Christ.

You Are A Winner in His Word.

You Are Free Indeed.


I love you and respect you my Brother,


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