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28: Holding Onto Freedom

Warriors, If you’ve experienced just a taste of what freedom from sexual sin feels like, then I know your heart must yearn for the security of living a consistent life of liberation. Maybe you’ve escaped for a few days, weeks, months or even years before being reclaimed by the unrelenting lures of sexual bondage. The binge-purge cycle is vicious, but is a favorite tool of the devil’s trade to spin you deeper beneath the surface. I’m originally from the bayous of south Louisiana. Matter of fact there is a very popular show about alligator hunters based around the parish I grew up in.

The reason I bring this up is because that’s the tangible image God puts on my heart while I pray for your freedom. It’s called the death roll. This is what alligators use to kill their prey. It’s fast, violent and immediately disorienting to the victim. Once that old gator begins to roll, there’s little chance you’ll resurface. If you are the few who have, it won’t be unscathed by missing limbs or disfiguring scars.

If we play at the edge of murky waters instead of standing firm on the solid ground like God wants, we place ourselves at risk. Gators are masters of stealth in the water. Porn is mastered by satan in our weakness.

If you want to hold onto that sweet taste of freedom, then where do you suppose you should be? Too many warriors think they can dance between the shoreline and the solid ground, and have it both ways. That is a lie. You do know who the father of lies is don’t you? In that case, stop playing with your eternal freedom. You can live the good life by grasping onto freedom from sexual sin, and standing safe on the Rock of Christ. It’s one moment at a time. It’s sitting at the computer with the porn site search listed on screen, and calling out to God. He’ll deliver you from the session of consumption. Learn to listen to the Holy Spirit when you’re being led away from the barrooms or to delete the mistress's phone number and hook up text messages.

It’s not easy.

God knows it’s not easy.

But through Him, all things are possible, and in time, God will remove the desire for sexual sin from your heart. You may ask why He doesn’t just take it away without you having to struggle, and I’ll remind you that God loves us so much that He gave us free will. Otherwise, we’d be mindlessly chewing cud with the cows. You are so much more than the sum of your mistakes. You are a child of God.

But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Matthew 19:26

29: Spiritual Commitment

Warriors, we’ve come a long way together. Your mind, body and spirit have had the chance to become completely overhauled. Are you where you thought you’d be before you started? Any forward progress is advancement, so be proud of what you’ve accomplished. There have been so many Call To Actions designed to get you out of your comfort zone. That is where growth and change occur. I trust you’ve experienced a difference from a mere 29 days ago. If so, congratulations and I am grunting with pride for you. The most important change during this challenge must be your spiritual fitness. All of the muscles in the world won’t stop the tiniest of darts that the devil will launch your way.

Sure, physical training helps you to to take control over your body and to demonstrate your ability and willingness to be obedient, but spiritual fitness will snap the chains of oppression right off. Just like exercising the body daily improves your strength, consistent prayer makes you spiritual strong. The more we make us less about us and more about Christ, the easier it is for us to remain free from sex’s lure back to slavery. Praying through temptation, and while giving praise not only connects us directly into the Holy Spirit pipeline, but keeps humility at the forefront of your restoration. You know that sin separates us from God. As a matter of fact, the bible doesn’t mince words when referring to sin. The wages are death. While committing sinful acts may result in your physical death, the context in Romans 6:23 is a spiritual death because of the separation from God.

Can spiritual life be restored? Yes, it can. Confession, repenting and living a life in pursuit of Christ will redeem and restore you to His grace.

For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Romans 6:23

Warriors, please don’t fall back into the sexual snare by pounding your chest for your most recent victories. Build a strong relationship with the Holy Spirit so you’ll have God’s helper to steer you clear from the minefield. 

Your depth of spiritual commitment will determine your success at breaking and staying away from sexual sin. You’re in a spiritual war, and need supernatural weapons. The Holy Spirit will armor you for victory. Pursue Him.


30: Walking In Freedom

Warriors, I had written this great word for you to meditate upon for today. In my mind it was the scene similar to the movie, Braveheart when William Wallace paced his steed back and forth before the warriors and emboldened their fighting spirits with his words of duty, honor and sacrifice.


But the truth is, you are a warrior and move to your own drumbeat. Maybe it is a rebel yell that fires you up to keep temptation at bay, or it’s a careful thought about the consequences of failure that motivate you. I respect you for your effort and your desires to know eternal freedom through God’s victory. Let the ancient Hebrew war cry, Rak Chazak Amats, stir your soul and guide you through the trials of temptation. When you’ve fallen down and hesitate to stand right back up, allow these words to resonate in your spirit, and know that the mighty God on high loves you, cherishes you and waits upon you to claim the victory. His only Son went to the cross so you may live the life God intended you to live. Not as a slave to the deceiver and father of lies, but as a child of God and a son of the kingdom. You have been wounded, but you have not been defeated.



Jeremiah’s words are not a eulogy, but a victory speech. You’ve come so far over the course of this challenge, but in reality it wasn’t a challenge. It was simply a way for you to clear the dust and see the shine of the King’s crown that He had for you. Allow these words to live in your heart and be fueled by scripture and prayer. Rak Chazak Amats means all strength and courage for the Glory of Our God, while rushing headlong into the most hazardous and impossible battles without pausing to consider the possibility of defeat.

Claim It

This is how you bust open the gates of hell’s sexual bondage. Grasp onto freedom in Jesus Christ. This is also how you remain a free man. Forever gone are the days of isolation, guilt, shame and the fear of the devil’s blackmail. You are a new creation in Christ, so claim it and live it.

No turning back warriors. No turning back.


God bless you,

Your Brother in Christ,


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