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Favored Not Forgotten

A simple Sunday visit to Adam's Texas church ignited a friendship, a shared testimony and a co-authoring opportunity to guide you through what many perceive as a dark time in life. Yet, in reality, it's the preparation for an incredible gifting and the activation of your new anointing. Learn how to Embrace the Season, Thrive in Obscurity, and Activate Your Purpose in this exciting promise from God. You are Favored, Not Forgotten.

Pastor Adam McCain and Chief of Police Scott Silverii, PhD combine their experiences and biblical insight to walk you through a little-known occurrence that holds a major influence over your life. Wilderness seasons of obscurity are often the misunderstood pathway to God's blessings. Pastor Adam & Dr. Scott walk you through this season in their collection of personal guides. This videos in the Study and Leader's Guides series are here for you.  

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